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Main cast: Kelly Poon, Hong Jun Yang, Chen Wei Lian, Jason Tan, Shaun Chen, Silver Ang, Chew Sin Huey

Dream Chaser is the first Mandarin drama serial produced by Dream Forest. Shot on digital video which gives it a movie feel, the serial features a refreshing cast from the outstanding finalists of Project Superstar 2005.

A strong supporting and cameo cast add to the glam factor for this teen-idol drama. Dream Chaser revolves around a group of fashion design students and their encounters in life as they strive to become successful fashion designers. Amidst their dream chasing, they are plagued by family and personal problems. But through sheer determination and strong emotional bonding, they clear the hurdles.

Main Cast: Zheng Pei Pei , Kym Ng, Liao Shixuan, Alaric Tay , Tracy Tan, Mark Zee, CK Cheong, Shanice Nathan.
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